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November in numbers

10% – levels of ‘fish substitution’ found in sushi restaurants

Researchers from the universities of Salford, Bristol and Exeter analysed seafood samples from 30-odd sushi bars and restaurants. They discovered one in 10 fish was not the species stated on the menu. This represents “moderate” substitution and is way better than in the US, they noted.

24p – the tax on drinks sweetened with more than 8g of sugar per litre

The March budget included a bitter blow for soft drinks manufacturers. Drinks with 8g or more of sugar per 100ml will be hit with a charge of 24p a litre, while products with 5g to 8g will be taxed at 18p a litre. Pure fruit juices and flavoured milks are exempt from the levy.

8% – daily food intake that should consist of dairy products

Flavoured milks may have ducked the Treasury’s planned sugary drinks tax, but the Department of Health delivered a sucker punch a day later when it published the new EatWell guide. Dairy products should make up 8% of an individual’s daily food intake, compared with 15% in the previous iteration.

20% – industry’s new food and drink waste reduction target

The Hospitality and Food Service Agreement on waste and the Courtauld Commitment will be replaced with one new voluntary scheme for the entire food and drink industry. Courtauld 2025 signatories will work towards a 20% food waste reduction target by 2025.

6,000 – pages in the European Food Safety Authority’s glyphosate analysis

Is the world’s most widely used herbicide carcinogenic? Some say possibly. Others say probably. But EFSA said it’s unlikely. So who is right? Check out our briefing page at the end of this month’s magazine.