Benefits for Nespresso suppliers

COFFEE FARMERS who are part of Nespresso’s AAA Sustainable Quality Programme in Colombia have higher income levels, better living conditions and increased farm productivity, a new study suggests.



The research, carried out by independent Colombian organisation, CRECE, looked at social, environmental and economic conditions among 1,000 farmers growing coffee for the programme.


Farmers in the initiative were found to have a net income more than 40% higher than farmers who weren’t (2011 data). Higher net income levels are related to greater productivity, with farmers who are part of the plan able to invest in more fertiliser and resilient coffee varieties.


“The concrete data coming from the field shows the significant impact that the partnership between the Rainforest Alliance and Nespresso is having on the ground in coffee growing communities,” said Tensie Whelan, president of the Rainforest Alliance which helped to develop the initiative.