Big opportunity for new products

VISITORS TO SCOTLAND next year are expected to spend almost £33m on food and drink. But food businesses must be prepared if they are going to enjoy a slice of the pie local food pie.


Scottish Enterprise research shows that visitors want to taste traditional Scottish dishes, regional specialities and fresh, locally sourced produce during their time in the country. A new innovation programme has therefore been launched to encourage businesses to develop new products and packaging ready for the big events of 2014.


Next year will see Scotland host the Commonwealth Games and the Ryder Cup. And with that in mind the new packaging and products programme will encourage businesses to consider developing their offering with a view to next year and beyond.


The new innovation programme, run by 2014 Food & Drink, includes workshops hosted by leading industry experts, allowing those in the food sector to explore how best to understand consumers’ needs and desires and how this translates into the effective development of market-ready products or packaging. The workshops will also include topics on marketing and promotional activities to help companies maximise return on investment.


James Withers, chief executive at Scotland Food & Drink, said 2014 offers tremendous potential for the Scottish food and drink industry.


“The 2014 Food and Drink team are working to equip businesses of all types and sizes from across the country with skills to improve both their product offering and packaging. There has never been a better time to celebrate our ‘Land of Food and Drink’ in the eyes of both home and international audiences,” he added.