Courtauld 2025: helping the food and drink sector become more resilient

THE DEMAND for food is increasing globally – according to WRAP and is expected to increase by 60% by 2050, creating challenges and impacts that need to be addressed. 

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WRAP has proposed a new ten year framework – Courtauld 2025 -to follow on from the current agreement, Courtauld 3. It’s going to run from 2016 to 2015 to ensure collaborative action between retailers and suppliers across the UK food and drink sector.


Courtauld 2025 is still being developed – governments and industry members of WRAP’s Product Sustainability Forum is to agree on targets for carbon, water and waste reduction spanning the whole food system.


Subject to further consultation, the proposal is to focus effort on four delivery themes:


  1. Changing what we supply
  2. Changing how we supply
  3. Changing how we consume
  4. Changing what we do with the wastes and by-products throughout the life cycle.


Helping businesses to become more resilient to future changes in supply and demand, the agreement will address resource efficiency to help customers reduce avoidable food waste, share efficiency savings along supply chains, waste less and get more value from unavoidable waste.