FootprintComment: Salt reduction is the road to a healthier lifestyle

PHIL HOOPER, Corporate Affairs Director of Sodexo UK & Ireland comments exclusively to on the importance of a commitment to salt reduction.

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Reducing the amount of salt in diets is a key step towards a healthier lifestyle. As part of our Healthwise philosophy and commitment to the Department of Health’s Responsibility Deal salt pledge, Sodexo is committed to reducing the amount of salt in our dishes, adapting kitchen practices and raising awareness amongst our clients, customers and government departments.


Reducing the levels of salt in the products we buy and by implementing initiatives and activities that help reduce the levels within the foods we serve are practices that are embedded across our business. An example of how we achieve this is by working with our suppliers and manufacturers who can help to reformulate products at the source. Internally, we provide regular chef training where they are taught to use salt alternatives such herbs and spices in cooking and food preparation.


Changes to our recipes, menus or initiatives to help reduce levels of salt can include the use of unsalted butter, reduced salt and sugar baked beans, removing salt cellars from dining tables and reducing the use and quantity of high salt ingredients in recipes.


In 2012, we will continue to actively source products that meet the Department of Health’s Responsibility Deal salt targets as well as Sodexo’s own targets set within our Better Tomorrow Plan, continue to train our chefs in creating healthier recipes using less salt, and provide our consumers with information to support them in making an informed choice.