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‘Generation Moderation’ demands less and better meat

Yet more evidence has emerged of young people’s willingness to reduce their meat consumption on environmental grounds.

The research from Plate for the Planet showed that nearly half of 16-19 year olds and 40% of 16-24s agree that a meat free diet, or one that involves eating less and better quality meat, is better for the environment. It follows a similar survey from WWF that showed one in five ‘millenials’ plan to eat less meat over the coming year.

Plate for the Planet experts claimed we are seeing the birth of ‘Generation Moderation’ whose attitudes towards eating and drinking, especially meat, are dramatically different to that of previous generations.

“We found that the younger generation really is culturally in tune with the concept of moderation,” said James Murphy, a social trend analyst and forecaster who conducted the research. “To them it’s no longer socially acceptable or amusing to binge drink and eat to excess. Resisting over-indulgence and observing moderation is all about self-respect – keeping their looks and preserving their physiques.”

The research noted that businesses are beginning to respond to the less meat trend with retailers stocking meat alternatives directly next to their meat equivalents in the food aisles, and restaurants dedicating more space on the menu to meat-free options.