Lighting app helps hotel cut bills

A hotel in Dorset has slashed its lighting bills with the help of a new lighting app.

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The only one of its kind for the European market, the tablet-and desktop-based Lumispec helped build the business case for the Christchurch hotel in Dorset to implement energy efficient lighting. The energy efficient lights range from highly efficient, attractive yet corrosion and explosion proof LED lights being installed above the grill and frying area to occupancy and ambient light sensors.

The hotel invested £16.5K into LED lighting and controls. The hotel expects to pay back the project investment in just 1.2 years and save an average £11,383 each year (net) from its lighting energy bill. Lumispec estimates that for most hotels, the payback would fall into a similar timeframe of around 1.3 years, with typical projected seven-year savings for a single hotel in excess of £230k.