New funding for SME’s

SMALL BUSINESSES in Scotland can apply for new funding to help them reduce waste and improve efficiency. 



The money, available from Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS), is designed to help businesses wishing to make capital investments which aim to reduce raw material use, minimise waste in production or packaging, or who wish to employ short-term skilled personnel to undertake a specific project focussing on reducing waste within their organisation.


Applications are open until January 2013.


It has been estimated that by taking simple steps to improve resource efficiency, businesses in Scotland could save around £1.4billion.


Examples of resource efficiency improvements include introducing measures on production lines to prevent product loss.


ZWS’s Marissa Lippiatt, said many changes require only small up-front costs and can actually save businesses money in the long-run.


“Scottish firms could save up to £1.4billion by adopting simple waste prevention measures such as investing in re-usable packaging to replace single use items or installing energy efficient hand driers in bathrooms to minimise paper towel use,” she explained.


Scottish businesses will also have to deal with new waste regulations in 2014, which will require them to separate key recyclable materials – paper and card, plastics, metal, and glass – for recycling.  For businesses in food production, preparation, or retail, a separate food waste collection will also be required.