Olympic effort for fish

THE OLYMPICS may have had some criticism over its food policies of late but when it comes to fish the legacy will live on, according to a new report.


London 2012’s sustainable fish policy has received a big pat on the back from campaign group Sustain, with long-term sustainable fish policies being adopted by caterers that together serve well over 100 million meals a year. Sustainable fish and chips will also be a top feature of the London 2012 Olympic menu, thanks to London 2012’s commitment to be “the greenest Games yet”.


“When we visited the Olympic Park, we were absolutely delighted to see sustainable fish and chips on London 2012 menus,” said Jon Walker, coordinator of the Sustainable Fish City campaign, which aims for London to become the first city in the world to buy, sell and eat only sustainable fish.


“Inspiring events such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games play a hugely influential role in proving what can be done, and on an international stage. We commend London 2012 for using their buying power to help secure a sustainable future for fish, marine environments and good fishing livelihoods for years to come.”


The Sustainable Fish City campaign report, Sustainable Fish Legacy 2012, charts the sustainable fish commitments inspired by the London 2012 Games, and how these have been achieved. Success stories include pledges to use sustainable fish by HM Prison Service, London Metropolitan Police, 19 leading universities and caterers including Sodexo, BaxterStorey, ISS Food and Hospitality and Restaurant Associates. Many chefs and restaurants have also signed up, including popular high-street chains such as Carluccio’s, well-loved independents and Michelin-starred establishments.


“Together, caterers that serve well over 100 million meals a year have adopted the London 2012 sustainable fish standards,” said Kath Dalmeny of Sustain. “This is impressive progress, but there’s still a long way to go. All organisations that buy catering services for meetings and events should adopt a sustainable fish policy. It’s easy, affordable, and is a worthy legacy for London 2012.”


London 2012’s commitment to be “the greenest Games yet” formed part of the original bid for London to host the 2012 Games, and the bid document included a commitment to adopting a sustainable food policy – the first of its kind for a major international sporting event. The resulting London 2012 Food Vision contains commitments to “demonstrably sustainable fish” and also specifies that dairy products, beef, lamb and poultry must be raised to British standards of production, with free range eggs, and a proportion of chicken and pork raised to higher standard of animal welfare. In addition, bananas, tea, coffee and sugar will be Fairtrade certified, and free drinking water will be available at all venues.


The Food Vision has been critcised by some for not including any targets for healthy, while the selection of McDonald’s as one of the lead sponsor has also been questioned by food campaigners.