Plastics recycling action plan announced

THE PLASTICS industry supply chain has come together to tackle plastic recycling with the launch of the Plastics Industry Recycling Action Plan (PIRAP).

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The plan aims to provide a co-operative strategy for the plastic packaging supply chain to meet the UK government’s target of 57% plastic packaging recycling by 2017 for obligated users by developing a resilient and sustainable plastics recycling sector in the UK.


PIRAP highlights a number of areas where improvements could be made to develop end markets for plastics recyclate, enhance collection rates, adopt best-in-class collection methods, and optimise sorting infrastructure and design.


Philip Law, BPF’s Director General said: ‘Recycling is the absolutely essential component of the “sustainability story”. It’s a great achievement to secure an agreed document in an area which has become a political football. Plastics packaging recycling levels are a function of so many factors and the support of a very large number of organisations has to be harnessed to make significant progress.’