Red Tractor fuelling UK troops abroad with good food

RED TRACTOR visited British Soldiers on a German base to take part in a Red Tractor BBQ. This event celebrates the first 12 months of fuelling UK troops with Red Tractor Bacon and Sausage, supplied by NAAFI (Navy, Army and Air Forces Institutes) to overseas bases including Gibraltar, Brunei, The Falklands and the Ascension Island.

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All of the bacon and sausages served at NAAFI’s 93 sites (including military garrisons and schools) is Red Tractor Assured. That equates to a total of 28,000kg of sausages and bacon over the last year.


This great addition to the Food Service Scheme was initiated when NAAFI challenged their supplier, the British Premium Sausage Company, to produce something a bit different that would give soldiers ‘a little taste of home’. As a result the sausages have been specifically engineered for NAAFI, and the recipe even won gold at BPEX’s Food Service Sausage of the Year Awards.


Red Tractor are working closely with NAAFI to help to communicate the meaning behind the Red Tractor logo to all staff on their German sites. Following a successful trial NAAFI have rolled out the use of the logo on their sausages and bacon to all of their overseas bases including Gibraltar, Brunei, The Falklands and the Ascension Island. They will also look to increase their portfolio of Red Tractor Assured products.


Nick Spencer, Head of Food and Beverage at NAAFI: “One of the most exciting things about working at NAAFI is the ability to think outside the box, delivering a taste of home across the globe is challenging and the introduction of Red Tractor is a brilliant example of this. Working with our supplier British Premium Sausage allowed NAAFI to introduce Red Tractor products in the vast majority or our outlets. Furthermore we started working with Brakes in March of this year and now a large proportion of the basket is Red Tractor assured”.


Nigel Akehurst, Red Tractor’s Food Service Account Manager, added: “We are proud to be giving our troops a taste of home. It is important to these soldiers that they know where their food comes from and the Red Tractor logo assures that!”


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