SWR announces acquisition of RUR3 Environmental

SPECIALIST WASTE RECYCLING (SWR) has announced its acquisition of RUR3 Environmental, the consultancy and feedstock management business.

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This strategic move combines RUR3’s expertise and knowledge of food waste production and disposal within the UK with SWR’s large client base and extensive supply chain to deliver nationwide cost effective solutions for food waste recycling. This virtuous circle ultimately links local food waste producers with local contractors in order to make maximum use of local Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facilities and in turn delivers both commercial and environmental benefits to all parties.


SWR currently offers clients in the hospitality, retail, facilities management, automotive and food manufacturing sectors a comprehensive range of outsourced waste management and recycling services across the UK, regardless of location or requirements.


Working with key stakeholders within its customers’ businesses, SWR develops waste management solutions to improve their environmental performance and reduce the volume of waste that goes to non-sustainable disposal routes; this in turn ensures that any unnecessary or uneconomical spend on waste is eliminated; a sustainable solution for food waste is the next logical area for the industry as a whole to take.


RUR3 currently works with AD plants, local authorities and food waste producers at all stages of the food waste cycle, to ensure that the UK’s AD industry is well fed. Utilising the granular data they have built over the last seven years they specialise in providing market leading feasibility studies to funders in relation to proposed AD sites and subsequently compliance services to ensure that sites once built are operating within the regulations to industry leading standards.


They also offer procurement of feedstock into AD sites once built to ensure that the correct mix of waste is arriving to that plant at the right time to maximise the AD process, as such they are unique as a consultancy business.


The acquisition enhances SWR’s position as the leading waste management company in the UK hospitality sector. It benefits AD plants by securing feedstock through access to a wider pool of customers and collectors, proactively identifying large volumes of food waste which would otherwise be disposed of as general waste.


Andy Butler, CEO of SWR, said“SWR have always adopted the approach of being at the forefront of change in the waste sector and as such have always endeavoured to provide innovative solutions to some of the largest issues in the market. The combination of RUR3 and SWR makes for a very powerful and unique proposition to the hospitality industry and we are delighted that Jacqui and her team are joining us”.