• RSPCA bans ‘thinning’ in poultry production

    THE RSPCA has banned its farmers from “thinning” their poultry flocks in a bid to improve welfare and drive down incidences of campylobacter. Thinning, or depopulation, is commonly used within the indoor-reared chicken industry to maximise the number of birds… Read More

  • New food scandal on horizon as FSA highlights prevalence of chicken bug

    THE FOOD STANDARDS Agency (FSA) today released cumulative results from the first two quarters of its year-long survey of campylobacter on fresh chickens.                      The bacteria, the cause of thousands of… Read More

  • Food fight: Is there enough GM-free soya for Britain’s poultry farmers

    THE AVAILABILITY of GM-free feed for poultry has been shrouded in mystery and contradictory information. Recently, four supermarkets ditched policies that had been in place for over a decade requiring suppliers to feed poultry 100% GM-free soya. Will foodservice companies now… Read More

  • Provenance prevails

    THE MAIN priority for consumers when buying meat or poultry is provenance not price.   More than half of consumers (59%) prefer to buy UK-sourced meat and poultry compared to imported meat.   Meanwhile, price is the main consideration for… Read More