TAQA and ESS launch platform to improve offshore nutrition

ESS SUPPORT Services Worldwide has launched a new health and wellbeing programme onboard oil producers’ TAQA’s platforms, with the Cormorant Alpha rig being the first offshore installation to provide full nutritional analysis, labelling and education to its customers in the North Sea.


ESS – part of Compass Group – provides catering, hotel and FM services across four TAQA North Sea platforms and has been working closely with TAQA’s Intelligent Health team to devise a programme that aims to educate employees about how to lead a healthier lifestyle offshore.


The programme was launched as part of a range of initiatives to help stem the rising obesity figures that have been recorded within the offshore environment over the last decade.1 Education leaflets, healthy recipe cards and a health fair are all part of the programme, and this June ESS rolled out nutritional labelling on its food, displaying GDAs, helping offshore workers make an informed choice about what they are eating.


Nicky Martin, Head Nutritionist for ESS commented, “Currently over 65% of offshore workers are overweight or obese1, and with this figure set to rise further in the coming years, we felt it was vital for ESS to step up to the plate and help our customers learn more about how to maintain a healthy, balanced diet in an engaging and interactive way. It has been great to work with the TAQA Intelligent Health team to create a health and wellbeing programme tailor-made for offshore employees and I look forward to developing this programme further in the coming months.”


TAQA’s HSSEQ director Donald Taylor said, “Intelligent Health is the TAQA way of supporting and promoting health.  It recognises that each of us plays a central role in our own health and seeks to help people make informed choices to improve their own well-being.  It is primarily about enjoying life.  We are pleased to have ESS support delivery of the message.”