TUCO looks East for food inspiration

THE UNIVERSITY Caterers Organisation (TUCO) is once again packing its bags and taking to the skies for another study tour, following the success of its US trip in October 2014.

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This year, members of TUCO will be heading east, to China, where they will have exclusive access to the catering operations of three top Asian Universities as well as spend time immersed in the latest trends and future direction of China’s renowned cuisine.


The ten day trip is a once in a lifetime experience for TUCO’s members with the specially developed itinerary set to expand member horizons when it comes to Chinese culture as well as the regional influences in the heritage of its food and cuisine. TUCO believes that a study tour of this level is a first for the catering industry.


Visiting outlets in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, the delegation will be exposed to the intricacies and authenticity of Chinese cooking, which has a growing foothold, in line with the popularity of world foods in UK University sites.


The group will also get a behind-the-scenes visit to Peking University, Nankai University and Hong Kong University to gain an intimate experience of university catering in China, first hand.


Applications to participate are now open and TUCO, as part of its wider investment in its membership base, is once again offering a range of bursary options, supporting all members to drive their skills in new and innovative ways.


“I’m extremely proud that we have facilitated this learning opportunity and are helping our members go on such a worth-while and stimulating experience. Last year, members came back packed with fresh thoughts and knowledge that they absorbed during their time in America; I cannot wait to see what educational souvenirs our next group will bring home from China and share with their teams.”


The study tours have been arranged by TUCO as part of its commitment to skills learning and development to give its members broader worldwide view of skills, cultures and cuisines. ; it gives them the opportunity to become submerged in a highly valuable and in-depth learning experience, which few people have the chance to do. This unique experience can be fed into its members’ catering operations back in the UK, helping them to refine their processes and introduce fresh and inspirational ideas into their menus.