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Unilever pushes plant-based diets through chef’s manifesto

Unilever Food Solutions has published a set of sustainability pledges made by its chefs around the world.

The “chef’s manifesto” contains eight commitments aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The pledges cover everything from “no food loss or waste” and “investment in sustainable agriculture” to “a focus on plant-based ingredients”.

Chefs from more than 35 countries have fed into the manifesto, which is coordinated by the SDG2 advocacy hub, a network of organisations including NGOs and UN agencies working to achieve the UN’s sustainable development goal to achieve zero hunger.

Over the next few months, UFS chefs will set out detailed action plans under each commitment.

“Bridging the gap between production and consumption, chefs can also be influential advocates for food system transformation,” said Amanda Sourry, Unilever president for foods. “The manifesto’s aim is to create a community of chefs across the world, equipped with a simple set of actions which will help them drive progress on the food system issues that matter most to them.”