WRAP calls for ‘resource revolution’ with new 5 year plan

WRAP HAS unveiled its plan for the next five years which aims to create a revolution in the way that we use resources.

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The charity is targetting Food and Drink; Clothing and Textiles and Electricals and Electronics as three priority areas as together, these account for:


  • 25% of the UK’s carbon footprint
  • 80% of the UK’s water footprint
  • 40% of UK household waste.


With 4 Mt more food needed to feed the UK population by 2025, and nine billion mouths to feed and food demand up by 60% by 2050, WRAP has set ambitious 2020 goals for the Food and Drink sector.


These are to:


  • help people eat well and waste less
  • encourage food businesses to reduce resource risks and the impact of food and drink products across their lifecycle
  • increase the amount of perfectly edible food for redistribution, ensuring more people in need are fed; and
  • reduce waste of carbon, water and materials across the supply chain.


WRAP’s five year plan calls for the adoption of the three ‘R’s of the future. This will mean:


  • Re-inventing how food products are designed, sourced and processed to reduce their impact throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Re-thinking our relationship with food, helping consumers get more value from food and waste less.
  • Re-defining what is possible in getting best value from unavoidable food waste


WRAP’s work with the Courtauld Commitment, a voluntary agreement aimed at improving resource efficiency in the grocery sector, has already made measurable improvements, with the second phase of the commitment reducing waste by 1.7 million tonnes. The Hospitality and Food Service Agreement also seeks to support the hospitality sector by reducing waste and recycling more.