Chefs key to waste reduction

ACCORDING TO a recent poll, held during Footprint’s latest webcast, the wider industry feels that chefs are the most influential drivers in the war on waste.

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Of those who took part in the poll, 42% pointed to chefs as the person most likely to make an impact on minimising food waste within an operation.


This is compared to just 12% who felt that senior management – those responsible for strategic direction of a business – could make a positive impact.


The results point to a growing idea that those ‘on-the-ground’ are the biggest drivers with regards to hospitality sustainability initiatives, with engagement amongst waiting and kitchen staff now a crucial element to any CSR plan.


The poll took place during the latest broadcast on waste in the industry.  The webcast brought together leaders including Baroness Scott of the House of Lords environment committee and Dr Richard Swannell of WRAP.


Offering industry views were Mike Hanson of BaxterStorey, Inder Poonaji from Nestlé S.A., Vance Fairman-Smith of Spirit Pub Company and moderator John Twitchen of the Copper Consultancy.


Discussions centred around the latest developments in the industry, and offered an alternative good news outlook on the issues.


“That is not to say we are done,” said Charles Miers, Managing Director of Footprint, “we have plenty of room for improvement as engagement on a broader level is now imperative.


“It is crucial for the entire industry to work together towards the common goal of waste reduction and create a standard for operations throughout the industry. It is only through collaboration that action can truly be joined up and make a genuine impact.


“And it is only through debate such as this that real solutions – ones that will work in a real-life setting – can be developed. This is the work that Footprint is doing; bringing together intelligence across the Foodservice industry to tackle the challenges in a meaningful way for positive change.”


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