Fish in favour, but it must be MSC

ONE IN SIX adults (17%) are eating more fish, with the majority (65%) citing healthy eating as the reason for increasing their intake, research by the Marine Stewardship Council has found.

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One third said they had switched to fish in an effort to cut their meat intake. However, whilst the switch to fish is a healthy one, the MSC has stressed that the fish must fished sustainably, for example, through the MSC scheme, to ensure healthy oceans, as well as healthy diets.


The findings come as was announced that US-based company Calysta has chosen Teeside as the site for a new plant which aims to develop sustainable fishmeal made from a vegetable protein. Still in development, Calysta hope ‘Feedkind’ will revolutionise farmed salmon production, and move the farmed fish industry away from using ocean-caught fish to feed farmed fish.