Foodservice Footprint Issue 13 – October 2011

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I spend quite a bit of time in this job chasing PR’s – or public relations executives as they like to be known (they also probably spend quite a bit of their time chasing people like me, but that’s beside the point). Some of this chasing can be fruitful, some of it less so, but I couldn’t do my job without these gatekeepers (as they probably less like to be known).

As well as deal with daily nagging from people like me, they also keep us up to speed on any news from their clients or companies. Traditionally, that’s been a simple process; I give them my email address; they add me to a database; I get news emailed direct to me; then I unpick it. Easy.

Now I am being told by some that the “best way” to access their news is to follow them on Twitter. Now, call me a twit, but Twitter seems confused, cluttered and complicated – and finding something interesting is needle-in-a-haystack stuff (especially if you follow the likes of Jamie Oliver who tweets incessantly). But I’ll have to get used to it.

For the time being, the new Foodservice Footprint website ( will keep me busy enough. Now it’s been revamped, we’ll be using the site as a forum to swap ideas, as well as to keep you up to speed on the latest news … that’s provided I can (a) find it on Twitter and (b) track down the PR’s.

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