Footprint Poll: The results

LAST WEEK, retail multiple Morrisons announced the launch of a new milk brand, Milk for Farmers, that would charge a 10p premium a litre, with that 10p going back to dairy farmers supplying Morrisons’ processor Arla. It’s a scheme not dissimilar to Fairtrade but, in general, should customers be expected to pay extra to support farmers rather than suppliers or retailers offering the farmer a better deal?

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Would you pay more for a product if you knew the extra money would go back to the producer/farmer?


Yes – 71.4%

No – 14.3%

Not Sure – 14.3%


Should you pay more?


Yes, consumers have a responsibility to support British – 42.9%

No, farmers should already be paid a fair price – 57.1%


Do you think a new brand which pledges to give more to farmers is a must?


Yes, it will help to drive awareness of British products – 42.9%

Not if it’s more expensive; that might turn people off British – 14.3%

No, farmers should be paid a fair price – 42.9%


Do you think food is too cheap?


Yes – 71.4%

No – 28.6%