Footprint & TUCO Frontline Farming field trip gets ideas buzzing

A FOOTPRINT & TUCO field trip earlier this week pulled people from their everyday work environment into the field and factory to inspire and re-energise sustainability efforts.

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From gaining insights on ethical sourcing, menu planning and produce at River Cottage, to seeing Wyke Farm’s award-winning cheddar factory and anaerobic digester in action, the trip showcased best practice in action, giving delegates tips and ideas to take back to their kitchens.


“It was really inspiring,” said Alan Barrow, Head Chef, Newton Rigg. “It’s so easy to do things in autopilot. But it’s everybody’s responsibility and the field trip has given me that shake to push on.”


“Too often with sustainability, the approach is smoke and mirrors,” commented Mike Haslin, CEO, TUCO. “But hearing from someone like Gelf Alderson at River Cottage, who is at forefront of sustainable business, is a great reminder of how sustainability is just common sense. It’s just back to basics, from knowing the provenance of food and trusting your suppliers to managing waste. And that’s something we can all do.”