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Guy Smith joins ECIU Advisory Board

GUY SMITH, NFU vice president, is joining the Advisory Board of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), the recently launched initiative aiming to stimulate informed debate on energy and climate change.



Welcoming Mr Smith to the Advisory Board, ECIU Director Richard Black said that the farmers’ perspective on energy and climate issues was ‘absolutely crucial’ as farmers are on the ‘front line’ of climate change impacts.


Guy Smith, NFU vice president said: “It’s only last week that University of Exeter scientists suggested that food-growing nations including the UK could be “overwhelmed” by pests within the next 30 years, as climate change helps them spread. Research like this should shake off the air of complacency about agricultural production in the UK as it faces an uncertain future climate.


“Energy production through technologies such as bioenergy crops and solar has also become a political football, so the ECIU drive to ensure that such discussions are underpinned by evidence is welcome. I am therefore very pleased to add farming’s voice to those already on the ECIU board,” added Mr Smith.


Richard Black, director of the ECIU, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Guy Smith onto the ECIU’s Advisory Board, with all the expertise that he and the NFU bring on energy and climate issues.


“Farmers are on the front line of climate change impacts and are also increasingly important players in the UK’s energy landscape, so it’s absolutely crucial that the farmers’ perspective on these issues is heard.”