Nestlé UK & Ireland on track to achieve 250 calories or less commitment

NESTLÉ UK & Ireland has supported the Government’s Responsibility Deal since its launch in 2011 and is a signatory to all the relevant Food Pledges, including the calorie reduction pledge, which supports their commitment to enable customers to eat and drink fewer calories.

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As a result of the programme of calorie reduction, Nestlé UK & Ireland has announced it is on track to lead the market by having no single serve confectionery products over 250 calories by the end of 2014. Currently 89% of their confectionery products contain 250 calories or less per serving.


A spokesperson for Nestlé UK & Ireland stated: “As a major food manufacturer, we take our responsibility to help consumers lead healthier lives seriously. We continually reformulate our products to improve them nutritionally and aim to provide our consumers with the information they need to make informed food choices. In total, 62%* of our confectionery now contain fewer than 110 calories per serving.”


From the beginning of this year, Nestlé also adopted the Government’s new labelling scheme in the UK recognising the importance of the public health agenda by providing consumers with consistency in front of pack labelling.

In 2013, Nestlé announced it had reformulated its iconic KIT KAT bar, resulting in the removal of 3,800 tonnes of saturated fat from the public’s diet, improving the nutritional profile of the product.

In 2011, the global company also became the first major confectioner in the UK and Ireland to remove artificial colours, flavours and preservatives from all confectionery. This move followed seven years of research to identify natural alternatives such as concentrates of fruit, vegetables and edible plants.


In April, Nestlé provided an update on the work it had done on the Responsibility Deal Calorie Reduction Pledge:




  • 89% of Nestlé confectionery products contain 250 Calories/serving
  • 100% will contain 250 Calories/ serving by end 2014
  • 100% of products consumed mostly by children/ women contain 180/200 kcal per serving respectively
  • The no. of products with 110 kcal per serving has increased each year from 2011 (35%, 54%, 62% volume), now half of these are single serve products
  • Over half of product brands have smaller sized products available enabling consumers to enjoy them in a less substantial format
  • For 2013/14 new products (22); we launched 2 new 99 kcal biscuits, 73% contain 110 kcal per serving (of which a quarter are single serve), over half are smaller sized formats compared to standard
  • We increased the number of products that reclose after opening to encourage sharing or to save some for later; increased our coverage of products communicating sharing messages and provided greater clarity around responsible serving sizes




  • YORKIE cookies are smaller (30% less Calories/ 33% smaller); launched SMARTIES Mini Cookies (60% less Calories/ 61% smaller than standard)




  • MAGGI recipe mixes are designed to make balanced, family meals. Our recommended fresh ingredients are lower fat and calorie options (reduced fat cheese, 0% fat yogurt, lean cuts of meat etc). In 2013/14, we further reduced the serving suggestion total meal calories (average 462 kcal, 8% reduction)
  • We launched CARNATION milk pots, a cream alternative for coffee (21% less calories than single cream) and CARNATION Cook With It! designed for lighter savoury cooking (6% fat) (40% less calories than single cream/ 28% less calories than CARNATION Evaporated Milk)




  • Over half of the volume (exc. waters) is calorie free or low calorie + 85% is part of a range where lower calorie options are available e.g. NESCAFE DOLCE GUSTO / CAFE MENU Skinny Cappuccinos


*sales weighted average