New Sustainable supply chain resource launched

The Supply Chain Sustainability School has announced it will be launching a new support resource in January 2015, designed specifically to meet the needs of FM and services suppliers, contractors and clients. 

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The new resource has been developed to support the UK market for FM and service, which is expected to rise to more than £117 billion by 2017. According to the school, this increase in the market will lead to a greater need for the sector to deliver that growth sustainably and responsibly in order for the FM industry to achieve long-term success.

David Picton, Carillionʼs chief sustainability officer, who will be chair of the schoolʼs FM Leadership Group, said: “Environmental, social and economic responsibilities have become key to any balanced, long-term growth, but the demands on the FM services supply chain are complex, dynamic and pressurised. The school will offer a free support resource – built upon responsive, innovative and sustainable best practice – to help that supply chain meet the requirements of clients, managing agents, occupiers, users, regulators, other stakeholders and their wider communities.”


Since its launch in 2012, the Supply Chain Sustainability School has supported the construction sectorʼs needs for development of a supply chain capable of meeting sustainability aspirations of main contractors and clients.


Now, with more than 5,000 members working alongside 15 of the UK’s top 20 main contractors, the school has had some success – creating co-operation between stakeholders across the construction sector and providing online learning resources, networking opportunities and access to pooled resources. The initiative has also been awarded a Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) Supply Chain Management Award, among other accolades.


Building on this success, the school now aims to develop similar structures and opportunities for co-operation among major stakeholders in the FM and services sector. The vision is to create the ‘go to’ sustainability support resource for FM suppliers, contractors and clients alike, governed by those who both understand FM and have an active requirement for a sustainable FM supply chain.


Carillion, BAM, Kier, Skanska and Vinci were already involved in the Sustainability School, but now Cofely UK, Interserve Plc and Emcor UK will join them.


These new partners will add their knowledge of working in the FM industry and develop and nurture sustainable new supply chains