NFU launches 2013 harvest survey

THE NATIONAL FARMERS Union (NFU) launched its annual harvest survey this week, calling on members to help answer questions about 2013’s harvest prospects.


The survey of combinable crops is the UK’s first source of data on production levels across the country.


Reflecting issues such as the effect of the extreme weather on cereals and oilseeds, the lower winter crop areas and increased planting of spring crops and the effect difficult field conditions have had on the crop, the survey looks to get as full a picture as possible of the wheat crop in Britain by mid-September and the year’s harvest of major combinable crops to date, by early October.


NFU chief arable adviser Guy Gagen said: “Without the information provided by members it would have simply been impossible to generate an accurate estimate in the past as we rely on members’ input in order to maintain our accurate track record with harvest results.


“As with last year, the survey is online, making it easy for members’ to record the crucial information that goes into painting a picture of the 2013 harvest on a national scale.


“We need as many of our members as possible to fill the survey in, as without their input, it simply would not be possible.”