Pictures perfect for waste reduction

THE EYES tend to be bigger than the belly – especially when it comes to events. But spare a thought for organisers who have to second-guess not only what people will eat but how much.

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To curb the amount of food wasted at some of its events, Restaurant Associates has started providing photos of standard lunch orders. The new trial, using shots of lunches for different-sized groups of guests, helps events co-ordinators and bookers visualise food quantities. “Many were surprised at just how much food was actually served and stated they would probably order more conservatively in future,” according to a case study published by Wrap.


The details are contained within a new guidance document published by the government’s waste advisors called: Wasting less food from banquets, meetings and events.


In another trial, also run by Restaurant Associates as part of the Hospitality and Foodservice Agreement (HaFSA) on waste, food waste as a percentage of overall food costs was reduced from 39% to 17% over a period of 17 weeks. Actions included wrapping biscuits so those not eaten could be used at future events, and providing take-away boxes.


The cost of food waste in catering has been estimated at £2.20 per kilo. Food waste costs in contract catering for staff restaurants are generally less than 5% of sales revenue. However food waste can be in excess of 10% of sales and over 30% of food purchase costs where food is being provided for meetings, events and banqueting, according to trials through the HaFSA.