Skills gap looming for green economy

NEW RESEARCH out today from the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) warns of huge sustainability skills gap.

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The IEMA report reveals just 13% of companies questioned feel that they have the right blend of skills to successfully transition to a sustainable economy, while coping with a “perfect storm” of threats from climate change, increasing resource scarcity, unprecedented consumption, and a rapidly growing global population.


“This skills gap is limiting businesses’ and organisations’ ability to capitalise on the significant economic opportunities offered by more sustainable actions,” said Tim Balcon, chief executive of IEMA.


To support businesses to develop skills the organisation has launch its four point Sustainability Skills Action Plan, which is backed by a number of leading British businesses.


The action plan outlines the need for all companies to integrate sustainability into all layers of their outfits and make green issues a priority in decision-making settings.


“In the 21st Century business world, environment and sustainability can no longer be a bolt-on; it needs to be part of businesses’ DNA,” Balcon added. “Good quality people and their skills are the change makers – which is why it’s vital that sustainability skills become pivotal to the operations of an organisation. Business and government action on sustainability skills can help ensure that we are all prepared for the perfect storm.”