Food Security

  • News review

    HYGIENE RATINGS delayed, invest in food security before disaster strikes, and Autumn statement impacts   Hygiene ratings Mandatory displays of hygiene ratings in England are still on the cards as the FSA announces that it will provide evidence on the… Read More

  • Voluntary agreements won’t deliver food security

    FOOD BUSINESSES want more regulation to help them tackle issues linked to sustainability, including food security.                   In their research for a new report, published today, WWF and the Food Ethics Council… Read More

  • The year 2015?

    THE GENERAL election will undoubtedly eat up much of the media and rhetorical space in the next few months. There will be much puff and little policy. But will environmental issues reappear on the radar?            … Read More

  • India and US reach agreement on food security issues

    FOLLOWING DISAGREEMENTS over food subsidy rules, India and the US have resolved their dispute and agreed on a trade deal.                     It is estimated the breakthrough could lead to a global… Read More

  • Courtauld 2025: helping the food and drink sector become more resilient

    THE DEMAND for food is increasing globally – according to WRAP and is expected to increase by 60% by 2050, creating challenges and impacts that need to be addressed.                    WRAP has… Read More

  • DEFRA leadership key to long-term UK food security, say MP’s

    EXTREME WEATHER events and increased demand for foodstuffs from emerging economies such as China need DEFRA leadership to guarantee the UK’s long-term food security, say MPs.                           Launching… Read More

  • Safeguarding seafood by managing our seas

    INCREASING CONCERNS about ‘food security’ for the UK, alongside dwindling public investment in fisheries research has led some to question how we can meet future knowledge needs to sustainably manage our seas.                … Read More

  • Steve Osborn: Leatherhead Food’s business innovation manager

    2014 SUSTAINABILITY Trends: Food Security                           Assuring a sustainable supply of food is set to present one of the grand challenges of the next decade and an essential… Read More

  • The Political Print

    THE QUESTION of how to feed the world is almost overwhelming in its complexity and it deservedly receives much attention from politicians, businesses and civil society. From out of the pack, the concept of “sustainable intensification” has emerged as the… Read More

  • Waste reduction tops F&B 2014 trend list

    INNOVA MARKET INSIGHTS has released a top ten food and drink trends list for 2014, which sees reduction of food waste and rebuilding trust take the tops spots for consumer concerns in the coming year.   The big trends for… Read More