• Foodservice Footprint F40-p19 Will EU plans hold water? Next Green Thing  water Valerie Flynn EU

    Will EU plans hold water?

    As governments across Europe struggle with shortages, Brussels hopes to boost use of wastewater to irrigate crops. But are consumers ready, asks Valerie Flynn. As the warm summer months arrive, ask yourself this: would you eat food grown on land… Read More

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    New global food initiative

    The World Business Council for Sustainable Development and EAT Foundation have launched a joint initiative designed to create the “conference of parties” for food and accelerate the transformation towards a healthy and sustainable global food system. The global initiative will… Read More

  • New water benchmarking scheme should reduce water use by 30%

    BRITAIN’S FIRST national water benchmarking scheme should help businesses reduce water use by 30% and recoup up to £500m in lost annual revenue.                     Free for UK commercial organisations, the AquaMark… Read More

  • Study finds 40% of UK imports from countries with areas of high water risk

    WWF URGES businesses to address water management issues.                       Businesses must secure their future by addressing the mounting global water crisis, experts said at the launch of WWF-UK’s report ‘From Risk… Read More

  • Drinks giant to halve water use

    DIAGEO HAS committed to improve its water efficiency by 50%, replenish water in water-stressed regions and return water back to the environment as part of an ambitious new water stewardship strategy.                  … Read More

  • Video: Water Why Worry?

    Hear the top line from speakers at the Footprint Forum. Water Scarcity, water management, water stewardship is fast becoming an essential part of sustainability policy – water is also becoming an ever increasing cost and an ever dwindling resource. Read More

  • Bottled Water: What are the real environmental and social implications?

    Bottled water. Just why does it cause so much angst? How did one of the healthiest and most natural consumer products get to be the focus of so much annoyance given that here’s a drink that, from a health standpoint,… Read More

  • Water Award Falls to Nestle

    Nestlé was recently awarded a prestigious award for its sustainable water management globally and especially for its work with the global farming community. Nestlé has reduced its water withdrawals by 32 per cent since 2000, at a time when water… Read More

  • Foodservice Footprint Issue 11 – May 2011

    Which would you choose: a voluntary initiative with you all working together to achieve change; or tighter regulation that forces change? It’s a tough call. This Government has certainly nailed its (two) colours to the ‘voluntary’ mast. And the Responsibility… Read More

  • Water – Way to Go

    Whitney Kakos, Impact & Sustainability Manager at Cafédirect tells Foodservice Footprint about a range of strategies devised to help smallholder farmers of coffee, tea and cocoa cope with changing rainfall patterns.   Smallholder coffee, tea and cocoa farmers represent one… Read More