Drinks giant to halve water use

DIAGEO HAS committed to improve its water efficiency by 50%, replenish water in water-stressed regions and return water back to the environment as part of an ambitious new water stewardship strategy.

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Diageo’s 2020 sustainability and responsibility targets published last year are supported by The Water Blueprint. The report details how the brewer and distiller of Guinness and Smirnoff will protect and manage its water usage parallel to its expansion programme into emerging markets.


The Water Blueprint strategy is a ‘critical supporting pillar’ of its 20 sustainability and responsibility targets published last December.


Targets include:


  • Reducing water use through a 50% improvement in water use efficiency
  • Return 100% of waste water from operations to the environment
  • Replenish water-stressed areas with the equivalent amount of water used in final products by means of projects such as  reforestation, wetland recovery, and improved farming techniques
  • Equipping suppliers with tools to protect water resources in water-stressed areas
  • Developing Water of Life community projects in water-stressed areas where production sites are located
  • Ensuring appropriate access to safe water, sanitation ad hygiene for all employees in premises under Diageo’s control