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Top health trends in foodservice

Sustainable menus, the importance of chef’s nutritional training and the responsibility to make out-of-home food healthier, whatever the policy/voluntary framework. These are some of the top trends and action points identified by the Footprint Health & Vitality Foodservice Trend Report 2016 supported by Bidvest.

A sneak preview of the full Footprint Sustainability Index coming later this year, the health and vitality report spotlights which parts of foodservice have made good progress, whilst highlighting the hottest emerging trends and opportunities, as well as the players who need to up their game.

Analysing the foodservice and hospitality industry over the last year, the report concludes that the industry needs to drive issues of nutrition, sustainable meals, sugar, salt, education and policy more than ever before.

“There have been some great strides made in foodservice,” says Amy Fetzer, Footprint’s head of research and analysis, and the report’s author, “but this research shows we can’t rest on our laurels. Foodservice needs to do more, harder, faster and more effectively, and this report highlights the key areas where we need to focus our attention.”