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TUCO’s Tackling Food Waste

We face real environmental challenges ahead, not just as an industry but as a global population. The threat of climate change and the implications that directly affect us all – drought, crop shortages, rising food costs – are issues that we cannot ignore and all have a responsibility to address. The foodservice sector, in particular, must accept its historic impact and, most importantly, look forward together to find answers.

As an organisation, we have endeavoured to support our members to be at the very fore of sustainability best practice. From delivering exclusive learning opportunities for members, to expanding our annual conference with an increased focus on improving sustainability on campus, TUCO has implemented best practice initiatives that have led to genuine change within many member organisations.

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This commitment to being part of the solution, for members and the Industry at large, has led to this important piece of research. Food waste is one of the biggest problems that the foodservice sector must tackle – we throw away 920,000 tonnes of food every year, of which 75% is avoidable; the numbers there speak for themselves.

A quote springs to mind: “If it can be thought, it can be done, all problems can be overcome.” We couldn’t agree more – no problem is ever insurmountable – and this white paper outlines five key challenges and simple solutions to tackling each. This comprehensive breakdown has been designed to act as a guide, with top tips and case studies to drive understanding and real-life change implementation.

Download TUCO’s Tackling Food Waste report