Wagner & Sustainability

Foodservice Footprint Charlie-Miers-2-150x150 Wagner & Sustainability Comment  Rory Sutherland, in a July column about climate change in The Spectator, concluded “Perhaps right-wing people can learn to like environmentalism the way left-wing people learn to like Wagner – by separating the outcome from the motivation”. Whilst I don’t necessarily subscribe to the premise that any specific area of the political spectrum underwrites environmentalism, I do believe that Sutherland makes a very good point, arguably felt in no other industry more than in foodservice. Whether we are motivated by the argument of diminishing resources, climate change or a better world for our grandchildren, there is no debate that the net result is an accountability to the environment and commercial advantage. More and more people are confidently coming to the fore and admitting that, whatever their motivation has been, there are noticeable advantages to the ‘bottom line’. This will become a mainstream view but we have a long way to go yet.