Water filtration experts cement sustainability credentials with

BRITA UK has been awarded the National Recycling Star in Gold – the highest sustainability rating possible – and has reduced its landfill waste to 0%.


National Recycling Stars are awarded by the E2B Group to businesses who show an ongoing effort to reduce their waste year-on-year. The water filtration experts were assessed on their waste management activities over the past year including recycling, increasing awareness within the company and involving employees in the overall improvement process. E2B presents businesses with a Green, Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, depending on the effort and success rates of the ongoing project – so for BRITA, the result is as good as it gets!


Miles Dawson, Sales Director, BRITA Professional comments: “We’ve achieved a lot this year here at BRITA, but we’re especially proud of this certification. Sustainability has been at the heart of our business for a long time – our cartridges have been fully recycled for nearly ten years now – but pushing our landfill waste down to 0% is the icing on the cake for us. We’re committed to our waste management scheme and looking forward to tackling ongoing challenges and implementing further improvements in the future.”


BRITA formed a ‘Green Team’ of six employees from across the business to address waste management within the company. The team started by identifying materials which were being sent to landfill, then researched new suppliers and recycling companies to see where parts could be re-used, meaning nothing now goes to waste.


97.2% of site waste is now recycled using containers – located where the waste is generated – making it as easy as possible for all staff to contribute to the landfill reduction process. The remaining 2.8% is removed from the site and sorted again, leaving unrecyclable waste to be turned into renewable energy using an incinerator. To tackle more difficult materials such as polystyrene, BRITA has also invested in new machinery that can process materials on site, lowering the environmental impact of transport by reducing volume.