Zero-waste restaurant expands green initiatives

BRAND NEW zero-waste restaurant, Silo, seeks crowd-funding to pay for zero-carbon food imports.

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The Brighton-based ethical restaurant, Silo is looking to raise £40,000 through crowd funding to help it import coffee beans, red wine and cacao by sailing ship.


Their aim is to achieve a zero carbon delivery system and the restaurant’s founder and chef, Douglas McMaster, said: “It’s financially sensible as well as enormously productive in moving towards ‘future proof food systems’”.


Sustainability runs through Silo’s activities throughout the restaurant; it already recycles all of its waste and has invested in a special compost machine to process all of its food scraps. The new zero-carbon footprint is an expansion on the restaurant’s already comprehensive economical reach.


In addition, supplies are delivered in reusable containers and ingredients are being sourced from (mostly local) farmers and producers directly so that the middle man is cut out.


Silo brews its own beer and cider, grows mushrooms from used coffee, bakes its own bread and even uses pH neutral electrolysed water which is claimed to be a more powerful disinfectant than soap or bleach.


What’s more, some of its crockery is made from recycled plastic bags, coffees are served in recycled jam jars and customer receipts are sent via email to save paper.