2 in 5 gluten free sufferers struggle to eat out

A LEADING MANUFACTURER of gluten-free foods has issued a call to the catering and hospitality industries to recognise the importance of offering a varied and sale gluten-free menu, after research showed 40% of those suffering from gluten intolerance find eating out difficult.


Dr Schär Foodservice says that more than 1 in 20 customers could benefit from gluten free options, but despite this, many out of home outlets do not have systems in place to offer a comprehensive gluten free menu and in some cases, list no options at all.


Research by Dr Schär Foodservice revealed that 43% customers with a gluten intolerance feel like they are missing out when it came to being able to dine out, 41% of suffers felt frustrated by their lack of choice and 28% of suffers feel self-conscious about their allergy.


Michelle Shinn, Senior Brand manager at Dr Schär Foodservice said: “Following a gluten free diet is not a lifestyle choice for sufferers of coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity.


“There are serious consequences for people who are unknowingly exposed to gluten in their food – just a trace can make sufferers unwell.


“It’s important that the foodservice industry keeps up with growing demand and recognises the business opportunity available to them by becoming a gluten free friendly establishment.”


The foodservice company is now working with leading distributor 3663, with whom the company now has multiple listings.


Shinn commented: “This is the first time that such a comprehensive gluten free range will be available from one wholesaler. The products, listed under the DS-gluten free brand, cover all basics such as bread, pasta, biscuits and convenient frozen foods including Shortcrust Pastry, Yorkshire Puddings and a Stonebaked Pizza Base, providing operators with a one stop shop to fulfill their gluten free foodservice requirements.


Catherine Hinchcliff, Head of Customer Marketing at 3663 states: “We are delighted to be working with Dr Schär, as part of wider activity we are launching this autumn to support customers who are looking for greater gluten free choices. We have had considerable interest from customers right across the board – schools, hotels, health and fitness clubs, universities and care homes – to expand our range in this area, and we have been really impressed by the Dr Schär range and the Company’s credentials.”