A tonne of sat fat removed as Aramark reviews products

Aramark is taking a tonne of saturated fat out of its customers’ diets each year, following a product review designed to further increase the healthy eating credentials of Aramark meals and food.


After the comprehensive review by the company’s food development team, Aramark has delisted Phase cooking and baking spread, replacing it with Flora.  As Flora is 1g of saturated fat lower than Phase for every 10g used, the cumulative effect will be to dramatically reduce the saturated fat eaten by customers at Aramark-operated sites.


The switch in products will also mean an increase in omega 3 oils and essential fatty acids in customers’ diets.


Val Carter, Corporate Responsibility Director, Aramark said:  “Health and wellbeing are increasingly at the forefront of clients’ minds and, of course, on the wider government and policy agenda.  Sometimes, it’s simple measures which can prove really effective and, through this product swap, we’ll be making a tangible difference to people’s diets without compromising on taste or product quality.”

Both Flora and Phase are supplied by Unilever Food Solutions.