British Poultry Council calls for growth in the UK poultry market

THE BRITISH Poultry Council has called for all candidates of the upcoming European Parliamentary elections to see themselves as facilitators of growth in the UK poultry market.

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The council has urged the EU to do more to support the poultry sector, including the wider acceptance of GM technology, and asks all candidate to take forward 12 priorities into the next parliamentary term.


The priorities are separated into four themes: Food Quality, Sustainable Production, Animal Health and Welfare and EU and the Global Marketplace. Some policies set out include: achieving wider acceptance of Genetically Modified technology, the responsible use of feed, ensuring better labelling, undertaking microbiological inspections for better hygiene standards and promoting animal welfare.


Andrew Large, CEO of the British Poultry Council states: “The forthcoming European elections will be some of the most important ever for the British poultry industry.


“Legislations made in Europe dominates the regulatory environment for both food and farming in Britain, and poultry meat is no exception. The makeup of the next European Parliament will greatly influence the future regulatory environment and the ability of both UK and the rest of Europe to have secure food supplies”.


According to the BPC the EU, in 2012 the EU produced 12.9 million tonnes of poultry meat, employed an estimated 303,000 people and had a production value of €32 billion.


In 2013 Footprint Forum convened at the US Embassy courtesy of the US Department of Agriculture to address issues of GM in the foodservice supply chain. Poultry formed a great part of this debate. CLICK HERE to read the report and view much of the output. CLICK HERE to read “Too Chicken to Talk GM”