Cash for reducing Welsh waste

WELSH HOSPITALITY, tourism, food and drink manufacturing and foodservice businesses are being offered new funding to help them reduce waste.

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WRAP Cymru (the Waste & Resources Action Programme in Wales) has grants worth up to £60,000 per business. Small and medium businesses can apply for up to £50,000 to buy waste-prevention or recycling equipment, plus up to £10,000 worth of advice to help them avoid waste and cut costs. The scheme is backed by £920,000 of Welsh Government funding.


Businesses typically waste £1,800 with every tonne of avoidable food waste they throw away, while pubs, restaurants, hotels, quick-service restaurants and foodservice businesses in Wales could together save £5 million a year by reducing the amount of waste they produce and recycling more.


WRAP Cymru and the Welsh Government have worked with representatives of the hospitality and food industry to ensure the support meets the needs of Welsh businesses.


The package was developed in association with British Hospitality Association (BHA) Wales, backed by Wales Tourism Alliance and the Institute of Hospitality Cymru.


“WRAP Cymru has listened carefully to industry requirements and devised a package that closely meets business needs,” said BHA Wales chair Andrew Evans.