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Food waste app for restaurants

Hundreds of restaurants in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton and Leeds have signed up to a new app to help cut food waste.

“Too good to go” allows outlets to sell on surplus food to consumers at a discounted rate. The meals, which can be as little as £2 but no more than £3.80, are packaged in an “environmentally-friendly” sugarcane box.

“It costs restaurants on average 97p for every meal they throw away so we are saving them that expense and giving them extra,” co-founder Chris Wilson told The Standard newspaper.

“The ultimate goal is to use it for restaurants to solve their waste management problem, rather than it being about making profit,” he added.

Small businesses are particularly interested in the scheme, but Wilson admitted he was having difficulty engaging with some of the larger chains.

Foodservice and hospitality companies throw away 920,000 tonnes of food waste every year, according to Wrap. Some of highest food waste costs tend to be in restaurants, with every tonne binned equating to £3,500.