Foodservice Footprint Issue 4 – Winter 2010

Sustainability is a vast subject and it is very difficult not to opine on the amounts of information we receive on a daily basis. For this reason we feel it is important for us to remind ourselves every now and again what we are all about.


Foodservice Footprint is the ‘go to’ place for information on green issues affecting the foodservice industry. Our job is to offer a platform and a forum for information to enlighten the path to a greener foodservice industry. As an individual it is difficult not to be influenced either way by some of the arguments, but our duty is to remain impartial and present the pro’s and con’s in such a way that will allow businesses to make their own decisions as to what is in the realms of possibility.


Our purpose is to distil scientific data, compelling facts, opinion and the actions of others, into one place across a variety of media. We are not campaigners – far from it. We have simply set out to unravel the many enigmas that foodservice businesses are trying to comprehend and introduce into their own commercial culture.


When we launched the journal, it was only the beginning of our journey and I write with great pleasure that the inaugural Footprint Forum was hosted onboard HMS Belfast with great success. It became clear that there is huge demand in the industry for benchmarks and definitions, as well as support from government and the various agencies that support sustainability in other sectors far more than ours. To offer a solution to this is our aim. Accordingly, we look forward to our next Forum on March 5th, kindly hosted by Brakes. Should you not have received an invitation and wish to attend please do not hesitate to contact


We would like to encourage as much interaction as possible, so please make your views known and write to with any comment or opinion you might have. We are very proud of what Foodservice Footprint is achieving and the difference that we are making – please make sure you join us on our journey.

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