FootprintChannel: Foodservice’s new media solution

FootprintChannel is an online channel of FootprintTV, Footprint Podcasts and the Footprint Video Archive.


FootprintTV are a series of FREE-to-attend virtual events, powered by new interactive video streaming technology. The TV Productions allow key insight, intelligence and thought-leadership to be distributed to time and geographically-challenged businesses in the foodservice and hospitality sector enabling viewers to take immediate action on contentious issues, to operate more responsibly. If you are too busy, too far away and cannot come to us, we’ll come to you.


FootprintTV takes traditional webcast technology one step further. We aggregate key Thought Leaders and transmit a live TV programme, online. Those in the programs are authorities in their field. Our objective is to give you access to people one would not ordinarily get to and give the viewers opportunity to interact with them live on the show by means of state of the art technology – all from the comfort of your own desk or board room. If you cannot attend the live show, it doesn’t matter because FootprintTV productions will be available ‘On Demand’ for 6 months following the live broadcast. Best of all, its FREE.


Footprint Podcasts are a series of original and aggregated audio productions delivering key insight and thought leadership directly to your desktop. Whether you are preparing for a board meeting, presentation or merely want to get on top of a particular subject with a set of earphones; FootprintChannel is the place to do it.


Footprint Video Archive gives you access to a resource of thought leadership on a huge number of complex subjects, stretching back over the last 3 years.