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Grocery guide for buying British

The NFU has made it easier for shoppers to buy British. A new online supermarket sourcing guide shows where the major retailers source their meat, dairy and fresh produce.

It’s taken 12 months to produce the guide, but it couldn’t have been timed any better with Tesco currently under fire for its fictitious fresh produce branding.

Provenance has become an increasingly important battleground following the horsemeat scandal. But the revelation that none of the seven named farms on Tesco’s new ranges actually exists has led to farmers’ groups calling for greater transparency.

“If consumers know who is sourcing from British farmers and growers, it allows them to make an informed choice about which retailers they then want to buy from,” said Ruth Mason, chief food chain adviser at the NFU.

The online guide shows that Aldi and Morrisons source all of their beef and lamb from British farmers on their standard and premium lines, while Asda, The Co-operative and Sainsbury’s source 100% British for their premium lines of beef and lamb only.

For seasonal British fruit and vegetables, Aldi reported selling 16 lines. This was followed by Waitrose, which reported selling 12 lines, Morrisons with 10, and Tesco and the Co-operative with six a piece.