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Nestlé Professional Sustainability Symposium – Episode 3: Sustainable Diets

The Sustainability Symposium Podcast is a series of productions in which we tackle complex subjects and try to give compound issues definitions whilst offering industry thought leadership and a road map to better practice.

This podcast seeks to disentangle the fast-evolving theme of Sustainable Diets with a view to creating more clarity as we approach events such as Veganuary. It also serves as a preface to a Footprint White Paper due to be launched in November. Topics discussed by our panelists are how to define a sustainable diet given how fast knowledge is evolving. What frameworks can the sector work to. We explored current and future trends. We took close look at plant based, the meat reduction debate and also the context of health. We furthermore explored the supply chain; Scope 3 emissions and regenerative agriculture vs soil health as well as animal welfare. Finally, we also shone a spotlight on eduction and communication; worker skills, menu design, understanding Scope 3 and its implications in the context of consumer dialogue and comms.

Tune in to the podcast to hear the fascinating debate with:
Chantelle Nicholson – Chef Patron, Apricity 
Emily Pinkney – Head of Sustainability, Sysco Speciality Foods 
Marisa Heath – Chief Executive, Plant-based Food Alliance 
Anna Collins – Nutrition Manager, Nestlé 
Amy Fetzer – Footprint, Chair