New calorie reduction development tool launched

THE FOOD Network Team, part of the Department of Health, has produced a Calorie Reduction Pledge Development Tool to support current and future partners to the calorie reduction pledge.

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The tool identifies the elements that constitute a good pledge and presents commitments made and actions taken under the various pledge categories. It is intended as a set of ideas to prompt thought and steer industry as they consider what action/further action they can take on calorie reduction.


The pledge for participating members of the food industry states: “Recognising that the Call to Action on Obesity in England set out the importance of action on obesity, and issued a challenge to the population to reduce its total calorie consumption by 5 billion calories (kcal) a day.


“We will support and enable our customers to eat and drink fewer calories through actions such as product/ menu reformulation, reviewing portion sizes, education and information, and actions to shift the marketing mix towards lower calorie options. We will monitor and report on our actions on an annual basis.”


There are a number of possible actions that pledgees which include:

  • Reformulation
  • Portion size
  • Development of lower calorie options
  • Encouraging consumers to choose healthier options
  • Satiety enhancers
  • Balance of portfolio/menu
  • Activity intended to inform and educate consumers towards making healthier choices


The Food Network have said that pledge is not meant to be a ‘one-off’ commitment, but has been created as an approach to reducing calories over time and building on businesses earlier achievements.


The tool is available here.