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New study to help promote veganism

The Vegan Society has commissioned research to explore what prevents people moving to animal-free diets.

The Vegan Society believes that more than half of British adults now “adopt began buying behaviour”, according to a report in the Guardian.

Supermarkets also reported significant increases in sales of vegan products in January as tens of thousands of people committed to Veganuary.

Many foodservice companies have also been launching new ranges. Leon and Zizzi have more than 10 dishes suitable for vegans. Pizza Hut has just rolled out vegan cheese in some of its pizzas following “an amazing response” to trials.

Still, just 1% of the population is thought to be vegan. Richard Twine and Professor Claire Parkinson, from the Centre for Human-Animal Studies at Edge Hill University, will therefore study how the public perceives veganism and which messages or tactics are effective in the promotion of the lifestyle.