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    Sustainability more important than social media to Millennials

    Younger consumers are more concerned about ethics, sustainability and product quality than social media presence or new apps, according to research conducted by YouGov and supply chain management firm GT Nexus. The poll of millennials, aged 18 to 34, showed… Read More

  • Making the most of marketing

    JUST THINK about the last big purchase you made and why you chose it – invariably it will lead back to something you’ve read, seen or heard. The same, often subconscious, thinking affects our eating habits and tapping into this… Read More

  • British businesses making sustainability top priority for 2014

    NEW RESEARCH from Lloyds Bank reveals that a quarter of British SMEs plan to make sustainability a top priority for 2014.   The research also showed that over half of those surveyed recognise the cost benefits of implementing sustainable business… Read More

  • International initiative launched to promote sustainable salmon fishing

    INDUSTRY LEADERS from the global salmon farming sector yesterday (15TH August) launched a new international initiative to promote sustainable salmon fishing practices.   The new Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) brings together 15 of the world’s biggest salmon producers under a… Read More

  • Europeans live longer thanks to environmental policies

    SUCCESSFUL ENVIRONMENTAL policies have resulted in reduced exposure to harmful environmental contaminants in air, water and food. As a result, Europeans are generally enjoying longer and healthier lives.   However, some contaminants are still a problem, and several new health… Read More

  • London’s greenest pub

    WHETHER IT’S a vegetarian-only menu, stocking the biggest range of real ales, using only local or organic ingredients in the food, offering space for local community groups, or doing a bit of all of these, almost 50 of the capital’s… Read More

  • Footprint Awards 2011 Winners Dinner

    All the action and atmosphere from the Footprint Awards 2011 – celebrating the best in Sustainability and Environmental Excellence in the Foodservice Sector. Comments from the winners and views of the event at RIBA in the West End of London. Read More

  • Footprint Annual Review: Cheap milk, pricey gas and unethical coffee

    THE TOP stories of 2012, from Starbucks’ tax travails to rising energy bills and the “greenest Olympics ever”.   January/February   With the mince pies sitting heavily around the waistline and the influence of festive parties still coursing through the veins,… Read More

  • Eco-labels on the brink?

    THE MARKET for eco-labels has been likened to “selling stickers” as it nears saturation point.                           Joint research by IMD, the International Institute for Management Development, and EPFL,… Read More

  • S – Word Ssssssshhhhhh

    IT MAY be the most overused word of the 21st century – and we’re among the worst offenders. But does it mean so many different things to so many people that we’re better off avoiding it altogether? We ask the… Read More