Aramark plants 121-tonne carbon reduction package

ARAMARK FACILITIES management and uniform services, has unveiled significant carbon reduction figures for 2014 resulting from a transition to plant-based eco-packaging across many of its sites.

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In 2014, these sites switched to eco-packaging and products, such as coffee cups and lids, cutlery and salad pots, supplied by environmental foodservice packaging specialist, Vegware.  This move saved 121 tonnes of carbon, equivalent to cancelling 195 flights from London to New York.


As examples, Aramark uses products made from:


  • Bagasse, which is recycled sugarcane with 99% less embodied carbon than polystyrene (used in takeaway containers), and
  • Recycled Crystallised Polylactic Acid, a material with 90% less carbon than petroleum-based plastic (used for cutlery).


Val Carter, Corporate Responsibility Director, Aramark says:  “These figures, which have been independently audited, show the difference we can make through responsible purchasing practices and waste management strategies.


“Our environmental sustainability approach focuses on those areas where we know we can make a true impact. Among the areas we focus on as part of our strategy are minimising waste, implementing responsible purchasing programmes and managing our carbon footprint. This is a fantastic example of this strategy being put into action.”


A new approach to food packaging is just one way in which Aramark seeks to reduce its carbon impact in the UK.  In 2014, Aramark revealed that it had made a carbon saving of over 2,100 tonnes through its award-winning logistics partnership with Chef Direct.