Steve Osborn: Leatherhead Food’s business innovation manager

2014 SUSTAINABILITY Trends: Food Security

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Assuring a sustainable supply of food is set to present one of the grand challenges of the next decade and an essential element is a robust and trusted supply chain. Food security has come into focus during 2013 as a result of ‘horsegate’, and this is set to continue into 2014. The interim publication of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (DEFRA) ‘Elliot Review’ lays out 48 recommendations for industry, government, enforcement and independent bodies that will require open and honest collaboration to mitigate the risk of repeated fraudulent activity in the food industry. As the demand for food doubles over the next 35 years, the opportunity and profit and hence the temptation to defraud and adulterate also increases. This will require any food provider to exercise a greater level of diligence to ensure that the food supplied to meet the ever-growing demand is wholesome and fit for purpose.